A crew that carries in the groceries 

A crew that carries in the groceries“Oh no,” Crew Leader Carl said, as we pulled to a stop in front of our next account. “Mrs. Beale is waiting for us.”

I looked and saw a little old lady standing on the sidewalk, her hands planted on her hips.

“I need your help,” she barked, as we all climbed out of the truck.

“Yes, ma’am,” Crew Leader Carl said.

She pointed to the car parked in the open garage. The trunk was propped open.

“I just got back from the store,” Mrs. Beale said. “Carry all of the groceries into the house!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Crew Leader Carl said.

The five us grabbed an armload of groceries and paraded into the house.

“Each of you kick off your shoes before coming in,” Mrs. Beale said. “You’re all filthy. I don’t want you tracking mud on my carpet.”

We all kicked off our boots in the washroom before marching through the house with our sacks.

“Put the refrigerated items away,” she said. “The other things go in the pantry. Hurry up – my ice cream’s melting.”

She glared at Francisco. “Comprehend-o?”

Francisco nodded and started unpacking bags. When her back was turned, he rolled his eyes at me.

When we were done, Mrs. Beale led us back out to the garage. While we were tying our boots, she barked, “I’m having a get-together on Saturday night. Carry all of this patio furniture to the backyard.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Crew Leader Carl said.

Francisco and I each grabbed the end of a heavy table and lumbered out the side door. The other guys followed us carrying chairs and an umbrella.

“Set up the furniture,” Mrs. Beale barked when we got to the back patio. “Put the table over there. And I want those chairs by the house!”

We scurried around setting up the furniture. When we were done, Mrs. Beale put a finger to her lips and frowned.

“I don’t like it,” she said. “Put the table over there, and the chairs over there.”

We rearranged the furniture over and over until she was satisfied.

“Thank you very much for your help,” she said.

Crew Leader Carl checked his watch. “Well, our half-hour’s up, Mrs. Beale. We have to go to our next account now.”

She balled her hands into fists. “But you didn’t even touch my yard! You lazy bastards! What kind of a maintenance crew are you?”

11 thoughts on “A crew that carries in the groceries 

  1. mistermuse

    With customers like her, maybe now’s the time for Crew Leader Carl to activate his backup plan (previous post)….then you can put in for his job, deal with the likes of Mrs. Beale, and earn more money. Hope this is helpful — if not, what do you want for nothing? 🙂 😦

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    1. The Lawn-Cutting Crew Post author

      The only issue is I’m not sure I’m qualified to take Carl’s job. I have too many teeth! 🙂

      The best time to take care of Mrs. Beale’s yard is when she’s not there. Otherwise, she always has so many odd jobs for us to do, we never get around to doing our real job! We probably mow the lawn about once a month — and that’s only when we’re lucky enough to get there when she’s at her afternoon bingo game.

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  2. tippysmom2

    When I first started reading this post, I thought, “Oh. How nice of you to help the lady in with her groceries before mowing her lawn.” Then, I found out the rest of the story. I’m surprised she doesn’t call the owner and complain that her lawn isn’t getting mowed. Perhaps he’s the person to take care of Mrs. Beale.


    1. The Lawn-Cutting Crew Post author

      I imagine she was on the phone with him the minute we pulled away. She probably convinced him not to bill her for that week, because in her words, we did “absolutely nothing.”

      It’s weird how you can work your tail off at Mrs. Beale’s house, yet nothing gets done in her yard. 😐

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      1. tippysmom2

        Do you think that she just doesn’t understand that you have a limited amount of time to stay at her house, regardless of what you do while you are there? Maybe she truly does not understand why you can’t do it all.

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    1. The Lawn-Cutting Crew Post author

      If Mrs. Beale is any example, it would seem that stomping your foot and wagging your finger is a good way to appear authoritative.

      All I know is that nobody on the crew would dare to talk back to her. For such a short person, she has a commanding presence!

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