Eating your way through life

Eating your way through lifeIt was Saturday, and I was hanging out at my girlfriend’s house. I made myself a breakfast of eggs, waffles, toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns and coffee.

After eating, I threw my clothes from the previous day into the washer and flung myself onto the living-room couch. My girlfriend’s iPad was lying on the coffee table, so I snatched it and started surfing the Internet.

A while later, my girlfriend, Katrina, walked into the room.

“What are you up to?” she asked.

“Nothing much,” I said. “Just searching for a new job.”

“Oh no.” She sat down beside me. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah,” I said, setting the iPad on my lap. “Nothing’s new. It’s the same old stuff. It’s just that I never intended for this to be a forever job, you know? Yet time just keeps going by, and meanwhile I’m going nowhere.”

“Plus, you’re not making what you deserve,” Katrina said. “The cost of living is going up, but wages aren’t. With rent, food, utilities, insurance and your student loan, I honestly don’t know how you’re even making it.”

I grinned, taking her hand. “Why do you think I spend so much time here?”

“Oh, so that’s the deal?” Katrina said, smiling and snuggling against me. “I was wondering why the pantry was so bare.”

“And just so you’re aware, you’re getting dangerously low on eggs and sausage,” I said.

7 thoughts on “Eating your way through life

  1. Sandi

    All I can hear (and see) is the Children of the Corn – red head dude – what was his name – Malachi? instead of shouting and pointing “Outlander!” He’ll be yelling “Free-loader! Free-loader, get him!”

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