Sometimes it’s not you — it’s the crowd

The Lawn-Cutting Crew is a humor fiction blog. It's sort of like a comic strip, but without the drawings. It offers self-contained chapters and lots of laughs.

It was getting close to lunchtime. We had just completed a job and were driving through town. 

“A burger sounds really good today,” Crew Leader Carl said. “Anyone else want something if I stop at Hamburger Insanity?”

“What are you going to order there?” I asked, suppressing a laugh. “A mad-cow burger?”

Nobody said anything. The truck was silent.

“Don’t you guys get it?” I asked. “Insanity, mad cow—”

Juan interrupted by raising his haunches and cutting loose a huge fart. Everyone burst out laughing.

“Yeah, now that’s hysterical,” I said, crossing my arms.

We turned off the highway and pulled into a drive-through.

Stan, who was sitting next to me in the backseat, shook his head as we entered the line. “I hate this restaurant.” 

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I worked here for two years,” he said. “And trust me, this place is full of idiots.” 

“And now they’ve got one less,” I said, grinning.

Nobody said anything. The truck was silent.

“Oh, c’mon,” I said. “That one was pretty good — albeit at Stan’s expense.” 

Juan raised his haunches and cut loose another huge fart. Everyone burst out laughing. 

I slunk in my seat. “You know, I think I need a new audience.” 

Author: Allen

I’m a humorist and fiction writer, as well as the author of two books. One is a collection of humor, and one is a collection of short stories. Both books are available on Amazon. I always wanted to write a comic strip, but I can’t draw. Not even a stick-person. So that’s why “The Lawn-Cutting Crew” is a comic strip without drawings. I hope you enjoy!

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