A very nutritious lunch

The Lawn-Cutting Crew is a humor fiction blog. It's sort of like a comic strip, but without the drawings. It offers self-contained chapters and lots of laughs.

It was almost lunchtime. We had just wrapped up a job and were cruising down the highway. 

Crew Leader Carl was driving. I tapped his shoulder. “Are you stopping at McDonald’s today?”

“Not today,” he said, grinning. He motioned to the lunchbox wedged beside him in the seat. “My sweetie got up early this morning and packed me a nutritious lunch.”

“You brought a lunch from home?” I asked. “That’s a first.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve been getting a gut from eating fast food all the time,” Carl said, patting his considerable stomach. “My girlfriend wants us to start eating healthier. I get plenty of physical exercise as it is, so I imagine if I simply change my diet, I’ll lose the extra weight in no time.”

“So she’s going to start making you lunches?” I asked. 

Carl nodded. “Yep. Today’s the first day. She got up really early before work to pack it, too. She’s so sweet. I’m really lucky.”

“What do you got?” I asked. “A nice sandwich? Maybe some carrot sticks?”

“I’m not quite sure,” he said. “I was in the shower when she packed it. Let’s see.”

We came to a stoplight. Carl heaved the lunchbox onto his lap and popped off the lid. 

Inside were an ice pack and a Slim Fast.

I craned my neck. “That’s it?”

Carl didn’t say a word. Instead, he chucked the Slim Fast out the window. It slammed onto the highway and exploded. A car honked.

When the light turned, Carl punched the gas, flying past the other cars like a deranged maniac. The rest of us exchanged glances, biting our lips.

A block later, he barreled into the McDonald’s parking lot and came to a violent stop in the drive-through. 

“Apparently, the diet’s been postponed for a while,” I said, looking at the other guys.

Author: Allen

I’m a humorist and fiction writer, as well as the author of two books. One is a collection of humor, and one is a collection of short stories. Both books are available on Amazon. I always wanted to write a comic strip, but I can’t draw. Not even a stick-person. So that’s why “The Lawn-Cutting Crew” is a comic strip without drawings. I hope you enjoy!

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