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Unorthodox Behavior:
An aspiring humorist reaches for the stars … as well as the remote control


In his debut collection of comedic essays (and perhaps last, depending on how poorly it sells), an alleged humorist dishes out laughs on an array of diverse (and not-so-controversial) topics, including wives who drag their husbands to the Bath and Body Works store, the unforeseen pitfalls of discussing beneficial gut bacteria on a first date, and the seminar you’re forced to take when you die and go to Heaven. Read more…

Dying for Eternity

Fiction/Stories/Thriller/Dystopian/Parallel Universe Romance

In this affecting, expressive collection of four stories (along with one personal essay), author Allen Coyle introduces us to a distinctive cast of characters you’re unlikely to forget. With many trapped by harrowing circumstances beyond their control, their wistfulness and yearning inflame their resolve not only to persevere, but to savor and rejoice in whatever scraps of hope they can gather. Read more…

The Recall Notice

The Recall Notice, a romantic comedy novella available on Kindle Vella

Ted Sully is a 29-year-old loser who can’t hold down a job or maintain a relationship. He’s not sure why. All he knows is that his whole life, he’s been a miserable failure. So when his mom gets a letter from a school Ted once attended called the Lake of Life Academy, it just might be the answer Ted is looking for.

According to the letter, the school used experimental education methods that have since been proven to be traumatic. Now, they’re asking for all former students to return for a cure. They’re issuing a recall.